Hangzhou Hangchao Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer that develops, produces, and sells high-power ultrasonic core components and complete sets of application equipment, with the registered trademark "Hangchao" HCSONIC. HCSONIC is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and real-world manufacturing solutions, backed by comprehensive technical support and application expertise.

What Hcsonic Produce

HCSONIC continuously innovates to design solutions and processes in many areas: Welding, Cutting, Spraying, Liquid processing, Fatigue testing, and Transducer customization.

Welding equipment : The welding equipment produced by HCSONIC is used for welding thermoplastic materials, often used for welding rubber, plastic, film, and non-woven fabrics.

Cutting equipment : The cutting equipment is used for the cutting of thermoplastic materials, and at the same time, it has the effect of sealing. It can also be used for cutting frozen and soft food.

Spraying equipment : The spraying equipment produced atomizes the sprayed liquid into uniform liquid particles, which are often used for spreading on circuit boards and glass surfaces.

Liquid treatment equipment : The liquid treatment equipment is used to emulsify, extract, homogenize, and inactivate the liquid by adding ultrasonic waves to the liquid. Emulsification plays a vital role in the production of cosmetics.

Fatigue test system : The fatigue test system produced by our company is used to measure the fatigue characteristics and fatigue life of metals, alloy materials, and their components under tension, compression, or alternating tension and compression loads at room temperature.

Transducer customization : Hangchao provides customization of various power transducers; the frequency range is from 15KHz to 120KHz. All piezoelectric ceramics are made of PZT-8, and the transducer has the characteristics of low impedance and high power.