Ultrasonics provides the cleanest, fastest, and most efficient method for assembling non-woven materials. Rotary bonding, plunge bonding, single step cut and seal of non-woven materials or non-woven materials to rigid plastic, whatever technique is suitable for your project we will develop a solution to meet your requirements

Ultrasonic food cutting technology provides accurate, uniform, and faster processing time. The cutting system can be ideally adapted to the density and consistency of the material to be cut (e.g., cheese, sausage or dough). Even warm, fresh, sticky or frozen products can be cut effortlessly with ultrasonic vibrations. 

HCSNOIC ultrasonic cutting systems are designed for cutting thermoplastic films, rubber, and woven and non-woven fabrics. Utilizing the latest in cutting blade technology HCSONIC cutting systems are ideal for cutting composite aerospace materials such as carbon fiber, Nomex, and honeycomb products.

Ultrasonic welding can highlight its incomparable superior performance for the welding quality of the most difficult aluminum and its alloy materials. Our innovative ultrasound technology ensures fast and reliable welding of a wide variety of materials including woven fabrics, plastic, and metal foil, etc.

Sonics manufactures technologically advanced and reliable ultrasonic processors in the industry for applications such as: homogenization, cell division, sonochemistry, degassing or extractiondispersion of nanoparticles, nanotubes and Graphene; cell lysing and cell disruption; sample prep; homogenization; extraction; atomization; and more.

Ultrasonic atomization spraying technology is often used in various spraying processes. The sprayed materials must be liquids, which can be solutions, sols, suspensions, etc. The applications of ultrasonic atomization spraying include new energy industry, biomedical industry, electronic products and semiconductor industry, glass industry, etc.