In many industries intelligent ultrasonic cutting established itself as the preferred method for clean and fast separation without any waste. Scoring or cutting of food items like dough, cheese and meat, or separating of materials like fleece, carpet, foam, rubber, light-weight materials, foil, or textiles without fraying or unraveling, the Industry 4.0-ready ultrasonic technology is the right tool for you. This process provides another advantage: The combination of cutting and welding seals the edges in the same process step. Ongoing research for productive and innovative solutions in product design revolutionizes new standards for plastic cutting & assembly. Computerized process control, process validation and data analysis result in shorter, more efficient manufacturing cycles. Ultrasonic cutting is completely different from traditional cutting. Ultrasonic cutting uses the energy of ultrasonic waves to melt the local heating of the material to be cut. Ultrasonic cutting does not require a sharp blade, does not require a lot of pressure, and will not chipping and breaking of the cutting material. Ultrasonic cutting use a very wide range, the most common are, ultrasonic food cutting, ultrasonic rubber cutting, ultrasonic fabric cutting and ultrasonic plastic cutting.

Ultrasonic Fabric Cutting

Ultrasonic fabric cutting are designed to provide the best edge seal on all fabrics without having to adjust the machine for different fabrics or thicknesses. Thus increasing productivity, reducing downtime and changing the way various fabrics are cut. The intense heat of the ultrasonic fabric cutter is quickly concentrated on the cutter head for cutting, and all fabrics have excellent edge sealing and most importantly, protection from abrasion. If you need more information, please click here. https://ultrasonictool.com/ultrasound-equipment/ultrasonic-cutting/ultrasonic-fabric-cutting.html

Ultrasonic Rubber Cutting

Ultrasonic rubber cutting technology provides superior cuts compared to any other mechanical means currently available, ensuring material integrity. Extremely high cleanliness is achieved by ultrasonic vibration, so there is no sawing action, resulting in more uniform material and less stress. The ultrasonic cutting process also guarantees advantages such as cutting speed, safety, cost effectiveness and smoothness of the finished product. If you need more information, please click here. https://ultrasonictool.com/ultrasound-equipment/ultrasonic-cutting/rubber-cutting.html

Ultrasonic Food Cutting

Compared to traditional cutting machines, ultrasonic food cutting are more hygienic, have shorter downtime, are more cost effective, have high consistency on the cutting surface, and have blades that stay sharp for long periods of time. When the ultrasonic cutting knife in cutting pastry, cheese, pizza, meat and other food vibration reduces the resistance and does not produce product residue. Due to ultrasonic food cutting cutting surface smooth, no deformation, no heat damage and other characteristics have been widely used in the food cutting industry. If you need more information, please click here. https://ultrasonictool.com/ultrasound-equipment/ultrasonic-cutting/ultrasonic-food-cutting.html

Ultrasonic Plastic Cutting

The main function of the ultrasonic plastic cutting process is to split the connected parts, and the high frequency vibration per second reduces the pressure acting on the item to be cut, which facilitates the formation of a neat and clean cutting surface. Ultrasonic plastic cutting uses the energy of ultrasonic waves to partially heat and melt the plastic being cut, thus cutting the material without the need for a sharp edge. It is commonly used to cut difficult-to-cut materials such as thermoplastic resin sheets, sheets, films and laminates, carbon fiber composites, fabrics, and rubber. If you need more information, please click here. https://ultrasonictool.com/ultrasound-equipment/ultrasonic-cutting/ultrasonic-plastic-cutting.html ‎

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