Ultrasonic welding is a process that uses high-frequency vibration waves to transmit to the surface of two objects to be welded and, under pressure, causes the two surfaces to rub against each other to form a fusion between molecular layers. Ultrasonic welding does not have the problem of heat conduction and resistivity, for different thicknesses of non-ferrous metal foil, wire can be effectively and ideally welded, especially for the most difficult to weld aluminum and its alloy material welding quality, more prominent its unparalleled superior performance.

Ultrasonic has many applications in welding processing, such as seamless stitching of fabrics and fabrics, plastic welding, and sheet metal welding.

Ultrasonic Seamless Sewing

Seamless sewing system can sew most thermoplastic fabrics.https://ultrasonictool.com/ultrasound-equipment/ultrasonic-welding/ultrasonic-seamless-sewing.html

seamless sewing

Ultrasonic Plastic Welding