Cardiovascular stent

Ultrasonic spraying equipment for blood collection tube spraying

The ultrasonic spraying system is capable of combining multiple probing nozzles at the same time to perform the spraying operation of blood collection tubes. This increases spraying efficiency and saves spraying time. Since ultrasonic nozzles are generally applied at low velocities, the possibility of overspray or material splashing during spraying is avoided, resulting in cost savings in spraying material.


The technology of ultrasonic food processing

Ultrasonic technology is a fast, multi-purpose, emerging, and promising green non-destructive technology applied in the food industry in recent years. Ultrasound is used in various fields of food technology, such as crystallization, freezing, bleaching, degassing, extraction, drying, filtration, emulsification, sterilization, cutting, etc.

Ultrasonic Spot Welding

What is ultrasonic handheld spot welding

The ultrasonic spot welder belongs to the category of ultrasonic welding, where two materials, metal or plastic, are welded together using high-frequency vibrations generated by ultrasound. For thermoformed parts without assembly contours or features where geometry and physical conditions preclude the possibility of standard welding operations, ultrasonic spot welding is relatively more suitable for processing.