Cardiovascular Stent Spraying Equipment

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Conveyor automatic ultrasonic precision spraying machine can be applied to the development and production of various nano- and sub-micron functional coating films, such as: proton exchange membrane fuel cell membrane electrode spraying in the field of new energy, thin film solar cell spraying, such as perovskite Mineral solar cells, organic solar cells, transparent conductive films, etc.; biosensor coating spraying in the biomedical field, wafer silicon photoresist spraying in the microelectronics and semiconductor fields, circuit board flux spraying and AR enhancement in the glass coating field Transmission and anti-reflection film spraying, hydrophilic coating spraying, hydrophobic coating spraying, heat insulation film spraying, transparent conductive film spraying, etc., super-hydrophobic coating spraying and antibacterial coating spraying in the field of non-woven fabrics and textiles.