Ultrasonic Atomization Equipment


Ultrasonic atomization spraying equipment is widely used in the fields of industry and research and development. Because of environmental factors and excessive pollution, scientists, engineers and designers have adopted ultrasonic spraying equipment. Ultrasonic spraying equipment, as a more precise, easier to control and more environmentally friendly spraying technology, will replace the traditional two-fluid spraying. In addition, because this spraying will not be clogged or worn, it can also contribute to reducing downtime in the key manufacturing process.

“HCSONIC” ultrasonic spraying equipment, with its soft spray characteristics, greatly reduces overspray, thereby reducing costs and pollution to the surrounding air. At the same time, this new technology also expands more application areas, for example, It is ideal for spraying at low flow rates. For substrate spraying, atomizing humidification, thin film coating, spray drying, flux spraying, film spraying, fine line spraying and other industrial and research and development applications, “HCSONIC” ultrasonic spraying equipment will produce better results than other technology.

Working Principle

Ultrasonic atomization spraying uses piezoelectric effect to convert electrical energy into high-frequency mechanical energy to atomize liquid. Ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation is used to atomize liquid into uniform micron-sized particles. Compared with traditional pressure nozzles, ultrasonic spraying can obtain a more uniform, thinner and more controllable film coating, and it is not easy to block the nozzles. Since the ultrasonic nozzle only needs a tiny air volume of kilopascals, there is almost no splash during the spraying process, so the paint utilization rate is as high as 90%.

Ultrasonic Atomization Equipment

Desktop atomizing spraying equipment

HC-LA5001GL, as a nano-film precision spraying machine, is suitable for R&D and scientific research, and can be applied to a full range of ultrasonic nozzles for the preparation of small or medium-area thin films. Integrate multiple systems such as ultrasonic, carrier gas, liquid, heating table, vacuum adsorption, exhaust gas discharge, etc. into one.

Vertical Desktop Spraying Equipment

Ultrasonic precision spraying machine, using the patented ultrasonic nozzle technology, can provide uniform and efficient film spraying and spray pyrolysis, and the film thickness can be as thin as tens of nanometers. Suitable for thin film solar cells, fuel cells, semiconductor photoresists, sensors, PCB flux, textile functional coatings, glass coatings and other nano- and sub-micron films.


Cardiovascular Stent Spraying Equipment

Vascular stent spraying is equipped with integrated ultrasonic nozzle, ultrasonic control, liquid delivery, stent loading and unloading and movement systems. Ultrasonic precision sprinklers: Jiazhen Ultrasonic Micro-type and Converging Ultrasonic Sprinklers, which can work stably with extremely low flow. Its spraying width is 1mm-10mm, which can adapt to a variety of stents, accurately control the drug loading of the stent, and have high consistency.

The equipment saves raw materials, and the raw material utilization rate is as high as 85% or more. The conversion efficiency of the traditional two-fluid spraying drug coating is 4 times higher than that of the air pressure spraying 4-5 times. In addition, it also has a unique bracket fixture design, which can quickly mount and unload the bracket.

Row Atomization Spraying Equipment

Conveyor automatic ultrasonic precision spraying machine can be applied to the development and production of various nano- and sub-micron functional coating films, such as: proton exchange membrane fuel cell membrane electrode spraying in the field of new energy, thin film solar cell spraying, such as perovskite Mineral solar cells, organic solar cells, transparent conductive films, etc.; biosensor coating spraying in the biomedical field, wafer silicon photoresist spraying in the microelectronics and semiconductor fields, circuit board flux spraying and AR enhancement in the glass coating field Transmission and anti-reflection film spraying, hydrophilic coating spraying, hydrophobic coating spraying, heat insulation film spraying, transparent conductive film spraying, etc., super-hydrophobic coating spraying and antibacterial coating spraying in the field of non-woven fabrics and textiles.


Different Types of Atomizing Nozzles

ultrasonic atomization spraying equipment nozzle

Micro atomizing nozzle

Penetrator series of ultrasonic atmoization spraying equipment nozzle

Penetrating series nozzle

Wide track series of ultrasonic atomization spraying equipment nozzle

Wide track series

Ultrasonic spraying nozzle

Converging Series

Ultrasonic Atomizing Nozzle



Fan-shaped wide series