Ultrasonic Transducer

Ultrasonic transducer is an energy conversion device, its function is to convert the input electric power into mechanical power (ie ultrasonic) and then transmit it, while it consumes very little power.

The ultrasonic generator converts the 110VAC or 220VAC electrical supply current into high-frequency current and transmits it to piezoelectric
ceramics. The piezoelectric ceramics resonate at the ultrasonic frequency. The piezoelectric effect of the material converts the electrical signal into linear mechanical vibration and then passes through the ultrasonic horn amplify (reduce) the amplitude, and finally transfer to the tool head to work. Ultrasonic transducers generally come in two forms: magnetostrictive and piezoelectric ceramics. Our company uses piezoelectric ceramics for all

The Composition of The Transducer


HCSONIC Transducers

We can customize various types of transducers with different frequencies according to the needs of customers. The frequency range is from 15khz to 120Khz. They are used for welding, cutting, atomizing spraying, and sonochemical liquid treatment.


20Khz transducer


30Khz transducer


35Khz transducer


40Khz transducer


50Khz transducer


60Khz transducer


128Khz transducer


Transducer Manufacturing Process

The body of the ultrasonic transducer is made of aviation aluminum, and the center screw is made of high-strength steel of grade 12.9. The working voltage of the transducer is very high, so the connecting wires of the transducer are all high- temperature and high-voltage connecting wires. 

The body cover and electrode plate of the ultrasonic transducer are polished for a long time, and the screw and each connecting part are cleaned by ultrasonic wave, so that the parts are tightly combined, reducing heat (energy loss) and reducing impedance.

ultrasonic transducer
Piezoelectric ceramic of ultrasonic transducer

The ultrasonic transducer is made of high-quality ceramic chips at home and abroad. The finished product has low impedance and high quality factor.

HCSONIC uses pre-stress during charge and voltage detection to ensure that the transducer obtains accurate pre-stress. All transducers are subjected to long-term aging test, quality inspection and 48-hour power-on test before shipping to ensure stable operation before delivery.

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