Seamless Sewing Machine

Product Introduction

Ultrasonic seamless sewing system can stitch most thermoplastic fabrics. Compared with ordinary needle sutures, the ultrasonic suture has the characteristics of no needle suture, high suture strength, good sealing performance, and fast suture speed. And the ultrasonic seamless stitching system also completely solves the problem of inconsistency between the direction of motion of the ultrasonic welding head and the direction of movement of the cloth. It will replace the ordinary sewing machine to a large extent.

Ultrasonic seamless sewing system is composed of 35k ultrasonic transducer, horn (fixed function), disc type welding head, and supporting particular numerical control power supply combination. The ultrasonic numerical control power supply converts the mains electricity into 35k high frequency, and high voltage alternating current and supplies it to the ultrasonic transducer. The ultrasonic transducer converts electrical energy into mechanical energy (ultrasound). The transducer generates amplitude when it stretches in the longitudinal direction, transmitted to the disc-shaped welding head through the horn. The disc-shaped welding head is welded, equipped with the frame, the pressing wheel, and the auxiliary structure and control parts; it is a complete ultrasonic cutting sewing machine.

Conventional ultrasonic welding machine

Conventional ultrasonic welding equipment uses ultrasonic longitudinal vibration. The sonic welding cloth with longitudinal vibration has two significant weaknesses:The installation perpendicular to the sewing panel makes the whole machine bulky and heavy. When cutting and welding, the direction of motion of the ultrasonic welding head is not synchronized with the law of motion of the cloth, causing the fabric to stretch or wrinkle, which will seriously affect the cutting and welding accuracy of the material. Ultrasonic longitudinal vibration systems are generally mainly used for cloth cutting and are rarely used for cloth sewing. Simultaneously, conventional ultrasonic traditional welding equipment is primarily used for plastic welding and metal welding.

Ultrasonic sewing machine (roll welding)

The bottom of the ultrasonic lace machine is an ultrasonic vibration plane, and the upper part is a steel sealing and cutting wheel. The roller is often printed with patterns for the beauty of the welding surface. The cloth passes between the two through the ultrasonic vibration plane. The upper steel sealing and cutting wheel only need to apply a small amount of pressure to the fabric. The thermoplastic material can be cut and welded.