Every piece of equipment assembled from the production line must undergo rigorous debugging and testing. After at least 24 hours of uninterrupted testing, after confirming that everything is correct, it will be put into storage, packaged, and finally delivered to the customer. In case of any sudden equipment failure, our after-sales service personnel will be ready at any time to provide customers with spare parts to minimize their losses.

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Preventive Maintenance

A proactive preventive maintenance program is critical to improving safety and productivity. Preventative maintenance reduces downtime and increases reliability. We create bold, customized maintenance plans based on your equipment, usage, and duty cycle.

Repair Service

HCSONIC Provides professional maintenance services; even the best products need to meet the most demanding maintenance services; we provide all-weather maintenance services 365 days a year. HCSONIC Technology technical engineers are always ready to provide you with precise and practical expertise.

Equipment Customization

Most of the ultrasonic equipment needs to be customized according to the customer's specific use environment (laboratory or production line) and use needs (cutting, spraying, liquid treatment); the company provides 10 ~ 100 watts of laboratory equipment and 100 watts ~ 3000 watts of industrial-grade equipment.

Sample testing

The company provides sample testing services. When you are unsure whether the product in your hand can be processed by ultrasonic, you can mail the sample to us, we will process it with professional ultrasonic equipment, and the processed sample will be sent back to you. At the same time, the shooting process will be sent to you via email.