Ultrasound application

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The technology of ultrasonic food processing

Ultrasonic technology is a fast, multi-purpose, emerging, and promising green non-destructive technology applied in the food industry in recent years. Ultrasound is used in various fields of food technology, such as crystallization, freezing, bleaching, degassing, extraction, drying, filtration, emulsification, sterilization, cutting, etc.

ultrasonic seamless sewing machine

Why choose ultrasonic welding seam technology to weld non-woven products

Disposable nonwovens are being used in a wide range of applications, whether packaged sterile surgical single-pack kits or personal protective equipment such as surgical caps and N95 masks, overalls and foot covers, disposable nonwovens provide an effective and inexpensive barrier against microorganisms and contamination. Its versatility extends to many other products, including hygienic and absorbent products, from shields and pads to diapers, undergarments, and disposable filters. All of these products mentioned above are made by seamless welding of nonwoven materials.

ultrasonic welding

Application of ultrasonic welding in non-woven fabrics

Ultrasonic welding is a process used to join two plastic parts together to form a strong, finished assembly. The process relies on high-frequency (ultrasonic) vibrations being generated and applied to the parts via a horn. Welding occurs as the vibrations are absorbed in the interface between the two parts, generating friction and causing the plastic to melt. The ultrasonic vibrations are generated by a series of components, including the power supply, converter, booster and horn, which ultimately delivers the mechanical vibration to the parts.