Ultrasonic dip soldering equipment

20K Ultrasonic dipping soldering equipment

Compared with traditional welding methods, 20K Ultrasonic dipping soldering machine is more environmentally friendly. Vibration and cavitation in ultrasonic immersion welding make the oxide layer on the welding surface fall off. High-frequency vibration energy will not melt the solder, which helps the solder to wet the welding part.

Ultrasonic dip soldering equipment
Ultrasonic dip soldering equipment

The best choice for coating a large area during impregnation welding. The solder is melted in a specific welding crucible equipped with an ultrasonic vibrator. When the molten solder ripples on the ultrasonic vibrating surface, the coated part is immersed. The surface cleanliness of welding parts has a significant impact on the welding performance. It is recommended to clean the welding surface with acetone before welding to achieve a better welding effect.

Product information

Product name:20K Ultrasonic dipping soldering equipment


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Company highlight:

Three universities provide technical support.

Technical parameters:

Frequency:19-35 KHZ                                                            Power range:300-1000W

Temperature range:200-400℃                                             working amplitude:3-20µm

Tool head material: Alloy steel                                              Working mode:Intermittent/Continuous

Cooling mode: Water-cooling                                                Shell material: Aluminium alloy

Type: HC-MA2010GL                                                              Warrany:one year

Packing and Transportation:

  • Packing details:Inner package:

Out package:

  • Delivery time:Seven days after payment
  • Delivery way:internationalexpressservice/by air/by sea
  • Shipping port:Shanghai or Ningbo

20K Ultrasonic dipping soldering machine Component element:

Generator                                                            Transducer

20K Ultrasonic dipping soldering equipment Generator                20K Ultrasonic dipping soldering equipment transducer

Horn                                                                  Tool head

20K Ultrasonic dipping soldering equipment Horn                head tool

20K Ultrasonic dipping soldering machine Advantage:

  • Pro-environment: Do not need any chemical substances, will not cause water pollution and air pollution.Because there is no need for flux and solvent cleaning process.
  • Perfect welding: No defect welding joint, no corrosion caused by flux; Vibration allows the solder to penetrate very small gaps for perfect welding
  • Cost savings and efficiency: Cost savings by replacing expensive copper wire with aluminum wire; Since no flux-related process is required, the equipment cost and production cost are reduced, and the welding process is simplified, and the efficiency is improved.
  • Support for new application development: Able to successfully weld glass, ceramics, and refractory materials that are not possible in conventional welding.


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