Ultrasonic replacement blade cutting knife

Ultrasonic blade replacement cutter

The ultrasonic plastic cutting knife vibrates 30,000 times per second (30 kHz), and the maximum output power is 300W. Thanks to this movement, the ultrasonic cutter can easily cut resin, rubber, non-woven fabric and composite materials. The cutting knife is made of a 1mm thick wear-resistant carbide blade, and the user can replace the blade by himself, thereby increasing the service life of the cutting knife and reducing the cost of use. In addition to excellent maintainability, our products are also environmentally friendly because they basically do not emit any debris, waste water, noise or smoke.

Ultrasonic plastic cutting uses a replacement blade head with a thickness of 1mm and is made of alloy steel. The sharp head makes the cutting contact surface smaller and reduces the heat of the head. The sharp tool uses ultrasonic to make the cutting effect more ideal. HCSONIC provides 20, 30, 35 and 40kHz ultrasonic cutting machines suitable for different application environments. The 30 kHz ultrasonic blade changer, with anodized titanium slicing knife, can provide a clean and beautiful cutting surface for non-woven fabrics and textiles.


The ultrasonic cutting machine uses ultrasonic energy to locally heat and melt the rubber being cut to achieve the purpose of cutting materials.

30K Technical  Parameter

Frequency:30 KHZ   Power range:100-2000W

Maximum operating speed:900mm /  S Positioning accuracy:0.02mm

Drive mode: six-axis mechanical arm

Control mode: PLC + touch screen, manual and automatic mode, with handle control

Input power: single phase 220V 50HZ 15A

Protection device: limit protection, current overload protection, grating protection, threshold protection, abnormal axis protection

Display: 7-inch touch human-computer interaction interface

Item model:HC-CK3001GL1

Warranty period: 1 year

Supply capacity

30 sets/year

Packing and shipping

Packing details: inner packing

Outer packing:

Delivery time: 7 days after payment

Mode of transportation: international express/air/sea

Shipment port: Shanghai or Ningbo

30 kHz Generator transducer

Generator transducer

超声波刀片更换刀具发生器      传感器

Horn Ultrasonic Blade

刀片更换刀垫         超声波刀片更换刀刀片

Ultrasonic Blade Replacement Cutter 30 kHz Advantages

Ultrasonic blade replacement cutter makes the ultrasonic blade cut smoothly without deformation. It brings a clean and beautiful cutting surface.

Ultrasonic blade replacement cutter reduces the chips of Nonwovens and textiles during the cutting fouling on the ultrasonic blade. You can reduce the downtime to cleaning and increase productivity.

The ultrasonic blade, called ultrasonic sonotrode or ultrasonic Horn, vibrates at high frequencies of 30 kHz. This high-frequency vibration reduces the friction resistance at the cutting surface, which can extend blade life.

The blade of the ultrasonic blade replacement cutter is made of anodized titanium. It is a completely inert and enduring material. It can ensure improved health, safety, and processing performance.

The ultrasonic blade changer is easy to clean and easy to maintain.

Our ultrasonic knife changer tool will be easy to install in your current production system.

The blade of the ultrasonic blade changer is easy to replace and the cost is low.


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