Vortex type series of ultrasonic atomization spraying equipment

Ultrasonic atomizing spray systems, also known as ultrasonic atomizers or ultrasonic spray nozzles, generate high oscillations from ultrasonic vibrations, producing extremely fine droplets, also known as “dry mist.” During the ultrasonic spraying process, the droplet size and distribution can be precisely controlled. Tiny droplet particles can evaporate quickly, resulting in particles with a high specific surface area.

Ultrasonic atomization spraying uses the piezoelectric effect to convert electrical energy into high-frequency mechanical energy to atomize the liquid. Ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation is used to atomize the liquid into uniform micron-sized particles. Compared with traditional pressure nozzles, ultrasonic spraying can obtain a more uniform, thinner, and more controllable film coating, and it is not easy to block the nozzles. Since the ultrasonic nozzle only needs a small air volume of kilopascal level, its spraying process almost does not produce a splash, so the coating utilization rate of more than 90%.

Ultrasonic spraying is a successful technology, e.g., for high quality and a high-performance coating on substrates. By precise control of the various process parameters of ultrasonic spraying, overspray can be avoided, and accurate droplet distribution is achieved. The advantages of ultrasonic spraying are the precise control of droplet size, spray intensity, and liquid flow rate.

Vortex type series of ultrasonic atomization spraying equipment

Product information

Product name: Vortex type series of ultrasonic spray equipment


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Company highlight:

Three universities provide technical support.

Technical parameters:

Frequency:30~120 KHZ                                                     Power range:1-100W

Atomized particle size range:5–60μm                            Spray width:5-60mm

Spray flow:5-60ml/min                                                      Spray height:30-80mm.

Suitable for liquid viscosiy:<50cps                                   Suspension particle size:<15wm

Diversion pressure:<0.1Mpa                                              Spray uniformity:<5%

Solution conversion rate:>94%                                         Temperature range:1-60℃

Shell material:Stainless steel/titanium alloy                  Type: HC-LAXW-GL

Warrany:one year

Packing and Transportation:

  • Packing details:Inner package:Plastic

Out package:Carton

  • Delivery time:7 days after payment
  • Delivery way:international express service/by air/by sea
  • Shipping port:Shanghai or Ningbo

Vortex type series of ultrasonic spraying Component element:

Generator                                                                             Liquid pump

Vortex type series of ultrasonic atomization spraying equipment Generator              Vortex type series of ultrasonic atomization spraying equipment Liquid pump

Transducer                                                                     Atomizing nozzle

Vortex type series of ultrasonic atomization spraying equipment transducer    ultrasonic spraying equipment nozzle

Vortex type series of ultrasonic spraying Advantage:

  • High stability:Made of high-performance titanium alloy and stainless steel, highly adaptable and corrosion-resistant, no pressure, no noise, no nozzle wear, and blockage problems, atomized particle uniformity is very high.
  • The pro-environment:Spray impact is small, will not cause a liquid splash, can reduce the waste of materials and air pollution caused by back spray.
  • Shape contral:Accurate control of spray flow, continuous spray at low flow, easy to operate and control the spray shape.
  • Accessible to maintain:Atomization no need for cooling water, low energy consumption, simple equipment, low failure rate.
  • A wide range of application:Can is applied to various solutions, even sewage, chemical liquids, oil mucus.
  • The ultrasonic spray is better than the traditional spray: Ultrasonic spray spraying is different from conventional spray spraying, relying on pressure and high-speed movement to cut the fluid into tiny droplets. Ultrasonic spraying only USES ultrasonic vibration energy for atomization. Ultrasonic spray equipment is regarded as a “green” technology due to its low energy consumption and high efficiency and ideal for critical fluid applications.


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