Ultrasonic metal crystallization process equipment MM2015L

Ultrasonic metal crystallization process equipment is mainly used in the metallurgical industry. Under ultrasonic vibration conditions, it is conducive to the degassing of metal solutions, the removal of impurities, the refinement of grains, and the strengthening of the leaching process. Ultrasonic metal melt equipment is applied in the metal melt, which can realize the composite of fiber and metal in a very short time, and a high-performance composite material is prepared.


Metal crystallization process equipment
Metal crystallization process equipment

Ultrasonic wave can transmit very strong energy when it travels in liquid medium, and can produce strong impact and cavitation on the interface, and will produce reflection, interference, superposition and resonance phenomenon just like sound wave.Under the condition of the same amplitude, the intensity of ultrasonic wave is much larger than that of ordinary sound wave.

Ultrasonic metal crystallization process equipment composition

An ultrasonic generator (power supply)

hcsonic ultrasonic generator
hcsonic ultrasonic generator
The ultrasonic generator converts the 110VAC or 220VAC electrical supply current into a high frequency, high voltage electrical signal.

An ultrasonic converter (transducer)

The ultrasonic converter utilizes the high frequency electrical signal from the generator and converts it into linear, mechanical movement. This conversion ccurs through the use of piezo-electric ceramic disks that expand when a voltage is applied.
Ultrasonic transducer
Ultrasonic transducer

An ultrasonic booster

Ultrasonic booster and round flange
hcsonic ultrasonic booster and round flange
The ultrasonic booster is a tuned component that mechanically adjusts the amount of linear vibratory movement from the converter to the required level for the specific application to produce optimal performance.

An ultrasonic tool head (horn/sonotrode)

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Metal crystallization process equipment tool head
Metal crystallization process equipment tool head

Advantages of ultrasonic metal crystallization process equipment

  • High temperature resistance:Maximum affordability1300℃.
  • Corrosion resistance:Use high strength titanium alloy tool head.
  • Remarkably effecive:Intermolecular interactions,the effect is direct and obvious.
  • Easy for installation:Through the standard flange joint installation, without changing the customer’s existing production equipment and process.

Application of ultrasonic metal crystallization process equipment

Power ultrasound in the metallurgical process, the preparation of composite materials, the purification of metallurgical products, such as applications will be more and more widely, such as leaching, electric product, extraction, crystallization, adsorption and coagulation, filtration, dehydration, stripping process will play more and more important role, such as the application prospect in metallurgical industry will become more and more wide.

hcsonic ultrasonic equipment naming rules
hcsonic ultrasonic equipment naming rules
Production time: within 15 days or according to customer requirements.
Shipping method: DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, sea or air.

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