Ultrasonic Seamless Suture Machine

Ultrasonic seamless suture Machine HC-WS3508GL can stitch most thermoplastic fabrics, with high stitching strength, good sealing and fast stitching speed.

Ultrasonic Seamless Suture Machine

Traditional sewing machines stitch two pieces of cloth together with a needle and thread. In the process of threading, not only the cloth is punctured, but there is no combination between the cloth and the cloth.The cloth is easily torn and the thread is easily broken.The thermoplastic fabric can be stitched together by hot air welding, and the welding temperature is not easy to control and the welding speed is slow.

Ultrasonic seamless suture system can suture most of the thermoplastic cloth, compared with the ordinary needle and thread suture, ultrasonic suture without needle and thread, high suture strength, good sealing, fast suture speed and other characteristics.Moreover, the ultrasonic seamless suture system also completely solves the problem that the movement direction of the ultrasonic welding head is not consistent with the movement direction of the cloth and is not synchronized, which will replace the ordinary sewing machine to a large extent.

Technical parameters

Frequency:20-36 KHZ               Power Range:800W

Suture Speed:0.1-1.3m/s           Roller amplitude: 18-28μm

Roller Temperature: below 60℃

Roller Material:Titanium, Hardened Steel

Working Mode:  Continuous, intermittent

Product Properties: Sewing Machine Parts

Weld width:0.1-25mm

Item Model: HC-WS3508GL

Warranty Period:1 year

This sewing machine is the latest product, different from other movements

Supply Capacity

30  set/month

Packaging and Transport

Packaging Details:Inner packaging:

Outer packaging:

Delivery Time: 7 days after payment

Transport Method:internationalexpress service/by air/by sea

shipping Port: Shanghai or Ningbo

Ultrasonic Seamless Suture machine HC-WS3508GL Constituent Elements

Generator                                                                          Sewing machine

Ultrasonic Seamless Suture Machine Generator        Ultrasonic Seamless Suture System

Disc Welding Head

Disc Welding Head

Ultrasonic Seamless Suture machine HC-WS3508GL Advantages

During the ultrasonic seamless stitching, the rotation of the welding wheel and the pressing wheel is completely synchronized, which will not cause the fabric to stretch, twist or deform.

Adopting the hot melt effect, the product has increased water resistance, lighter weight and easier folding.

Ultrasonic seamless suture equipment can cut textiles while welding and realize automatic edge banding

Ultrasound is used to weld the fabric. By changing the pressing wheel, the size of the weld and the embossing can be changed, making it more flexible and convenient to use.


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